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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday's in my City!

Today was International Museum Day!! All over Germany, museums participated by having special tours and activities for visitors. Today we visited the Spessart Museum at Lohr. The museum has exhibits on the wood processing industry, glass manufacture, forestry, hunting and so on. It tells us the life of the Spessart inhabitants...

We had a terrific Sunday and I hope you all did too..For more Sundays head over to Unknown Mami who host Sundays in my city!! Have a great week everybody!!!!


  1. I love trips to museums like that. So fun! It sounds like you had a great time and you learned a lot. Perfect day for sure! Hope your week is just as wonderful!

  2. Museum Day is a fabulous idea! It sounds like fun and a perfect way to bring people in that might not otherwise!

    LOVE the pottery in the top few photos.

    Happy SIMC from Los Angeles,

  3. Look at the pottery! they look like different sized jugs. Im so in love with stuff like that! They had a museum day like that here not to long ago. It's always so much fun to go and see the history of it all.Have a great week! I think we will be getting sun finally:)

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  5. Very cool. I didn't even know there was an International Museums day and I work at a museum.


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