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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter eggs the German way..

I love the spirit of Easter in Deutschland. The easter bunnies, colored eggs, easter tree(will show you mine in the next post). Feels a bit like Christmas. While you do get painted easter eggs in the markets, it is more fun to paint them at home. With the fun, there is a whole lot of mess to clear up, not to forget the broken eggs in the process!!!!

Over the weekend, I picked up paints which come as a ready kit exclusively for painting eggs. Available at any supermarket or hobby store, they come with colors, plastic gloves and foil for the shine. Instructions were in English too, so it wasn't a problem at all to get going. The children in their eagerness to paint, kept breaking the shells. Luckily the eggs need to be boiled, hence the damage was less. 

Doesn't it make for a pretty centre piece for the coffee table? Spring and Easter, I like the combination of both. Pretty flowers and easter eggs!!! 


  1. Gorgeous eggs...can't wait to see your easter tree! I miss seeing those everywhere this year!

  2. Beautiful eggs!!! I am debating on if Im going to decorate eggs this year. The boys keep telling me they are so over it..but something tells me they sorta want to do it for one more

    Have you seen the amazing looking eggs that are wrapped in different designs of silk ties and when they are boiled they take on the design of the tie!

  3. Man those are beautiful! I love the nest too. You have inspired me. I just LOVE THEM!


  4. Beautiful colours and faboulous display! I'd love to have half your hability to decorate and make things, simple things, look so pretty! Congrats!

    PS: I will post the recipe for the bread pudding soon! :D

  5. Sonya: I saw the site and those eggs are just gorgeous!! Now, where can I get old silk ties??
    Aledys: The eggs were painted by my kids. They did a marvelous job, didn't they? Am eagerly waiting for the pudding recipe.

  6. Lovely eggs in a beautiful nest :-)


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