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Saturday, April 30, 2011

der, die, das.....

  Beginning Monday, I begin my full time course in the Deutsch language. Monday to Friday, the next seven months, for five hours everyday, I will be attending classes in the Volkhocschule or the adult school. Languages have never been my cup of tea, but who knows, learning German should be different. I will never know unless I try. The feeling of wanting to do something with my time gave rise to the thought of learning a new language.
     I am apprehensive about the whole thing. As a family, we will have to do major adjustments. As I won't be home the former part of the day,  all the household chores will have to wait till I get back home. And not to forget the additional hours of study that I will have to put in.
Since it will take me some time to get adjusted to a routine, posts will be few in this blog, till I get my groove back. If you miss me, you will know where to find me. In the school at Lohr am Main...:)


  1. I'm going to be doing the same thing with the Dutch language. I gave myself the summer off and will start in 2012..Good luck to you. I look forward to your posts about learning the language : ) Good for you!

  2. omg.....twice aweek about put me over the edge and it was hour and half. Good Luck May I admire you for such dedication. You will be speaking so good they will think you are from there after seven months! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Good for you for doing this. I wish you the best. I took two years of German in high school...all I can remember is how to count and how to say "I like potato chips." Lol.

    I know you'll do great!!!


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