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Friday, April 22, 2011

Karfreitag in Lohr am Main.

Karfreitag or Good Friday in Lohr am Main commemorates the death of Christ with a solemn procession which dates back 300 years. Catholic believers flock the road and thousands of believers take part in this procession.

13 life sized figures marking the way of the cross are carried during the procession along with muffled drumbeats and brass bands playing. The figures have been crafted by the local craftsmen.


  1. What a great procession to witness, May! I didn't see anything like that here in HD. Wish they had one for my family to attend.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. Same to you Shanthi!!
    Jennifer, if I am not mistaken, in all of Germany, this kind of procession happens only in Lohr am Main. Maybe you can visit next year to witness the same...:)

  3. Good pictures from Good Friday. I like the one the most where Jesus seems to hiding his nudity behind some flowers. A bit silly of me, eh? But they are very nice photos. I attended a procession in Honduras, too.


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