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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday's in my City

Can you see, can you see??? The lush beautiful green popping out here and there. Spring is here to stay!! So long, farewell winter!!!

Did you know that some trees flower before sprouting the leaves?? Well, I didn't and now I do. These are all spring flowers. Given a choice, I would prefer the flowers whole year through....

And what does a village do to herald a new gorgeous season?? It welcomes it with a festival!!! :D We had a frühlings fest( Spring festival) today at Lohr am Main.
Shops were open( yeah, on a Sunday!!!), bakers selling fresh baked bread, people selling their wares aka a flea market at the Spielplatz...

Eis cafes open, everybody enjoying their dose of warm sunshine along with ice cream...

Plenty of bratwurst and lots and lots of beer......

and above all, oh so many people. We just loved it!!! For a moment, I felt I was back in India with the crowd, the hustle bustle and the noise. I hope every Sunday is like this.....

warm, gorgeous with clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine.

Unknown Mami


  1. Coming by from Sundays in my City linky party.

    I LOVE all these pictures - - - I believe your spring is a tad farther along than is ours. I noticed this morning that the grass is beginning to green a TINY bit, but our buds are still nonexistent.

    I think you need a little bloggy love, so I clicked to become your newest follower.

  2. LOVE this post and the gorgeous pictures!!! I want to LIVE There!

    In Minnesota our snow is finally almost melted away! We're having a gorgeous warm humid day today!

    The city festival looks great....I'd love to go! FUN!

  3. what a pretty place you live! I enjoyed looking at the buildings and the food cooking! so glad you shared your city; came over here from Unknown Mami's Sunday in my city, so glad I did!

    enjoy your week ahead!


  4. oooh, I envy you! We have still snow, not fair. Not much but it's too much...
    I can see you had a great Sun - day! :)

  5. Awesome pictures. And I sigh with envy. Spring in Europe is everything that is NOT spring in my city. Spring here means hot weather, dust, and wildfires. But soon we will have better weather. Enjoy.

  6. BEAUTIFUL Photos!!! Just beautiful!

    You know, I didn't know that about some trees. Now that I think about it, I guess some do flower first. Uhhhh Who knew???

    You have a teaching blog on your hands today. :)

  7. How gorgeous! Yes, I'd definitely say...Spring has finally sprung!:)

  8. Very nice May! Your city looks so full of life now especially with all the lush greenery! What's bratwurst? Loved the pic with piles of pot pourri packets :) Enjoy the weather!

  9. Yes Shireen!! That's the advantage of living in Europe, we experience all the four seasons and get to see the transformation happening right in front of our eyes.
    Bratwurst is a sausage in bread or rather the hot dog.
    That was not pot pourri that you saw, but apple chips!!!!

  10. That looks like a wonderful place to spend a day.

  11. May I am so glad you are getting the same beautiful weather that we are! It makes me so happy to see all the green and flowers blooming! I sat out in the sun was 22 celcius! :)

    Your photos are so beautiful. I need to head your way and visit you!

  12. There are some flowering trees up the street from me. After having the baby, I didn't do much walking around. When I did get out, I noticed the trees had leaves and I asked my husband if they had flowered yet. He informed me that they flowered before they got the leaves. I was so bummed to have missed the flowers. Oh well.

    Enjoy spring!

  13. Sonya, please do come!! You will love our little german village...:D


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