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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting married in Italy!!

In the past 2 weeks, one of the sights I got to witness oh so many times were happy brides walking their way to getting married!!! I love watching brides, whatever their color, age, nationality. And seeing them up so close was a real treat!!!
      Since most Italian villages have narrow lanes with cobbled streets, I am guessing it is much simpler to walk than drive. I was fortunate to see this bride before and after she got married. Here she is with her father(I am guessing) and in another hour she walked by married with her groom. It was hard to shoot her again!! Such sights make me happy, make me feel good...:)
What are the sights you love seeing during a holiday??


  1. She is a beautiful bride...I love watching brides too.We just returned from holiday too....not to beautiful Italy but NJ/NYC....hurricane Irene and Little Italy ....miss saying holiday in American it's just vacation...not as glamorous!

  2. Such a lovely photo. The bride looks very happy and relaxed. Maybe we should all walk to our weddings!

  3. We have a son getting married in 5 weeks, I always enjoy seeing pictures of happy newlyweds!

  4. Oh! How beautiful is she? Just absolutely lovely. Her dress is amazing. I am so glad you had your camera ready. Pretty as a picture!


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