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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Restless me...

Today, I was restless..........
I twitched, fiddled, my mind wandered......
It was all work and no play...:(
and to make it worse, every second just dragged on!!!

What did cheer me up was listening to what my Deutsch teacher had to tell about the weather in Deutschland...."Ich finde das Wetter in Deutschland schlecht", to translate "I find the weather in Deutschland bad". So here was a german telling us what the weather in her country was like in comparison to others!! And boy, was she right, though i would have said "night so gut!!!"....:D


  1. I would have said the same short and sweet but the German sentence is always so complete and wordy!
    I was a horrible German student my poor teacher had the patience of a saint.

  2. Hi May,
    It's Anita, from Wisconsin (USA) following up on your comment on the watermelon. Actually it is almost fall here. The girls on my blog probably grabbed those watermelon to sell before the frost comes. It was very hot here this summer, but it dropped almost 40 degrees in a week. I love summer and I hate to see it go. Cold weatheris "night so gut!!!"

  3. Frau, in my case both the teacher and i have the patience of a saint...:D


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