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Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Sunday again

It has been a great weekend! And we are told it will be a great week too, of course by the weather man..:D Husband was told of this beautiful path and I had been wanting to see it myself.

There was a pretty stream running through. I spent some time just sitting and listening to the gurgle of water flowing while the kids kept themselves busy picking acorns.

It's strange how a foreign land teaches you to appreciate the best of good weather unlike your homeland where it is taken for granted as you know for sure the sun will be shining all the day long(except during monsoon).

Before we arrived, I had heard a lot of stories about people feeling depressed during the winter months. Now I understand. As much as the beauty of snow mesmerizes you, after a while you tend to miss all the green, the blue and the color!!!

Unknown Mami


  1. That is so beautiful!

  2. Goodness it looks beautiful where you are! I too am a bit worried about the winter on it's way. My mood is so effected by the weather!

  3. This looks just magnificent - love the pics! :-)

  4. Hi May - yes, I was out with the camera in the garden so I was on my way in. :-)

  5. Beautiful images. When I first moved to San Francisco I started suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, because it was raining and gray for over 31 days.


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