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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The drive back home

Yesterday, we drove back 875 kilometers(544 miles) to get back home. What looked to be the start of a pleasant drive turned to be a very long one, thanks to all vacationers returning home.

The sign indicating that there is a stau(traffic jam or block) gives me the shivers!! Cause these stau's can run into miles with no respite, no looking back. You are stuck there, like forever!!!!

Barely into the drive the questions begin........
Daughter : Are we in Germany? (The drive has just begun and we are a good 4 hours away from the border)
Sonny : What speed are you driving at Dad?? Can't you go any faster??

Daughter : How much longer to reach??
Me : 7 hours to go.....
Sonny : But you told that a long time ago.......

Me : Why don't you look out the window? It's beautiful outside....
Sonny : Everything's too green....It's only vineyards and ruins......(huh??)
Me : Look, I spot an apple orchard!!
Daughter : Why does mommy get excited on seeing plants??

The questions then take a different form....
Daughter : Are we still in Italy??
Sonny : Why are the other's driving faster than you?? Please go fast Dada!!! I wanna reach home..
Me : The next person who ask's a question will be labelled a donkey for the rest of the drive!!!!

There's peace for a while...:) Look's like nobody wants to be a donkey......till we hear a voice from the back saying...."I got to pee!!! Now!!!"

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  1. Lovely scenery except for the traffic.

  2. Hee Hee traffic plus long car rides always entertaining! Beautiful drive back though! Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Well the kiddos didn't enjoy it but it looks like a lovely drive (I too get excited about "plants"). Since you got the blog post up, we'll assume you made it back with sanity intact even after oh so many hours in a car with naturally impatient little ones.

  4. The long drives back from Vacation sound so familiar. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Italy. The laundry was cool. In summers I do get my drying rack out on the balcony and dry my clothes. The smile I have when I fold those crispy white ones is no ones business :-).

  5. Scenic drive, lovely conversation and a hillarious end to it....Expressway, traffic jam and pee emergency....not a nice combo and yet a frequent one!!:)


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