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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye May!!

My favorite month has come to an end..:-(
Here's a recap of the pictures posted on my Facebook page.

The month of May saw a burst of green and color, gorgeous blue skies.
I went on a lot of walks by the river Main and meadows. It was all so pretty out there.
My garden too is at it's best, I even cooked my first batch of fenugreek greens!!

We celebrated both father's and mother's day, our birthdays too.
The storm clouds came rolling in once in a while for those cooling showers...
We enrolled our little girl in the german high school......
and I detest ironing with all my heart...:D (I did post a video on the page to show the person who eases the burden of this chore back home in India)

That about sum's up the past month.
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  1. Wonderful photos from your personally month May. Beautiful ! Kind regards, Synnöve

  2. Really nice!! Like specially of the pic with the yellow flowers!

  3. Nice pictures of a busy month...I'm sad to see June come but ready for summer break! Are you children out for the summer break? Any trips planned this summer? Have a wonderful day!

  4. Hello,

    yes the May is also for me as gardener a special month of planting, starting the season and to enjoy the fresh green and new life.

    Greetings Senna


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