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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Do you have those days where you try to fit in too much to do and end up being kaput...:D Well, I am a person at times with scattered thoughts in my brain, wanting to do this and that. And God forbid, if the sun should be shining as it was yesterday then I add a washing frenzy to it too. Sigh!!!

Many of you must be wondering whatever happened to the garden since it's last post. Well, the weather turned horribly cold and it looked like it was not the best time to garden. Hubby dearest suggested that I bring all the plants in considering the fact that we had spent a small fortune on it all. Well, I didn't see myself doing the circus of panting all my way down to the cellar with heavy planted pots. 

I kept repotting some of the plants on a hold and hoped for the best for the remaining ones. They did survive the cold...:-)
Yesterday, I repotted the rest and I must say, my little balcony is lush with green. We should be spotting a pop of color in a few days. For now, the forget me nots are in full bloom and I spot buds on the lavender bush.

   In all the madness, during a quick dash to the marktplatz, this little vintage postcard caught my eye!!! A perfect one for this tired woman...:D
SO, what's your pick ladies?

Well, today I am relaxing with my man and a glass of wine!
HAPPY MAY DAY people!!!


  1. Your flowers looks lovely - I long to see my plants as lush! :-)

  2. I am so excited for you and your plants! I kill everything :(. I am glad that your patio is lush with green growth! : ) Happy Spring.

  3. Your header picture is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your balcony with all its color! Happy May! Or Cheers!

  4. Happy May Day! Looks like your plants are thriving! I love all of the green!

  5. Happy May Day, May! I just had to say that! :)

  6. They look beautiful May! No matter how small, a garden can give such delight over a long time.


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