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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Morning bliss

I am not much of an early bird. In fact, it's very very hard for me to be one. I do rise early cause it is important to send the kids to school with a well fed breakfast and bid goodbye to hubby too. But given a choice, the bed is where I would like to snooze for a wee bit longer. 
One of the tips I often read from photographers is to rise early for those great pictures of calm and quiet towns or villages. And their pictures were proof enough for me to regret of all the times I spent trying to catch an extra wink.
So today, I set off for the first time for a walk around town quite early( 9'o clock). Its quite strange to note how not rushed our village is. Infact, at this time it is just about waking up. The kids are at school, people at work and yet, life begins at a slow pace.

You spot a person or two here and there. Shop owners are slowly opening their shutters and rolling the trolleys out.

Restaurant chairs are empty, but in a few hours they will be full of life with people chattering away over a glass of beer and some yummy german food, at the same time soaking in the sun.

Today's special is already up, Asparagus dish. I bet the chef is busy inside whipping out his/her best dishes.

And there, I spot the green. It's such a beautiful green, I want it to stay this color....forever.

A little further on, the smell of freshly baked bread and croissants hits me head on. The seating out here is yet to be arranged for I guess they are still busy baking..:-)

As I walk on, I spot her..Snow White's castle and then I smile. I do amaze a few locals out here when I say that I do believe she existed. 

The florists are all set for the day. The customers are already here. Some of them wondering whether I am here to take a picture of them. I watch while they pick up lettuce saplings, zucchini and tomato plants. They will head back home and work on their gardens. Why not? It's such a beautiful day..

I then head up the mountains cause I need to have a look at the beautiful Spessart. A German spots me panting and walking, mumbling along as to how steep the climb is. I nod in agreement and laugh at the same time. For me, views like these are worth the walk. 

When I am done, I return to a bustling town. The shoppers are here on foot or on bikes, the tours of the village have begun. I spot mammas with babies in prams getting together for a play date maybe? An excited lady shows of her new shoes to a friend...:-) Youngsters laughing, cafes slowly getting full for that morning cup of coffee. It's a beautiful sight.

Pretty soon geraniums will be spilling out of every window, yes each one of them.
After having spent a beautiful hour, as I walk home an idea hits me. I toy around the thought and I like what I am thinking. I need time to work it out, but I will reveal it to you all shortly.


  1. very beautiful pics from your city! like always :)

  2. Lovely early morning pictures, beautiful view from the mountain. Enjoy your early mornings!

  3. I winded from our walk....thanks for taking us along! I really enjoyed the mornings in Germany! Today it's pouring rain....surely no one by me will be out walking! Have a wonderful Today!

  4. Thanks for getting out early and sharing these lovely photos with us. Looks like a beautiful morning!

  5. Wonderful impressions from your little town. Your header is beautiful !!!
    Kind regards, Synnöve

  6. It's beautiful, love the colors! :-)

  7. All I know to say is, "WOW"! :)

  8. Beautiful! Thank you so much for including us on your lovely walk! Can't wait to hear what you're planning!

  9. Good for you May! I love getting up early. Your effort was well worth it!!!

  10. Lovely pics May..glad u enjoyed your morning walk. Every city or town has its own charm early in the day. Loved the last's my favourite!


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