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Friday, March 19, 2010

Time to Exercise....

I have finally begun my walks. A question from a good friend got me thinking (whether I was expecting a third child), but at that moment I was embarrassed. The past 5 months has seen the development of a paunch so huge, that I have begun to feel conscious about it.

              Till I moved, the need to exercise never arose. My profession helped me to maintain a lean figure. The instituion I worked for had three flights of stairs(which I called The Mount of Calvary!!!!). All my lectures were on the last floor, which meant I had very good exercise of climbing stairs. Also lecturing to a class of 90 boys for 4-5 hours a day was no joke at all. The continous process of lecturing out aloud automatically flattened my belly. Also since Statistics was the subject I taught,I had to work out a lot of problems on the board which in turn gave me slender arms. So, there it was, work and my body got along very well.

Moving to Lohr during winter meant an adjustment to the cold and bye bye to walks. With the temperature improving, I started last week with a 1.5 km walk and have slowly increased it to 3 kms. Boy, am I proud of myself. Vinay is surprised with this sudden new feeling of consciousness that I have developed. I am not wanting a super model's figure. All I want is a flat belly, not only to look good, but also to remain healthy.

            As I go on my walks, I picture the pretty kurtis at Westside and elegant sarees at Nallis beckoning me..... For now, they are the motivation for me to walk daily!!!!

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  1. good going May! The first few days are the most difficult, and you are doing 3 km already!


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