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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Basket!!!

This will be our first Easter here at Lohr!!!  Easter in India is generally not celebrated on a grand scale like X'mas. No goodies, decorations, of late Easter eggs have come into the picture. Easter is more to do with church services beginning from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday!! As kids, Easter also was associated with the culmination of annual exams in school.

                  What has struck me here in Lohr is, that, just like Christmas, people get into the festive mood and decorate lovely decorations around town and in their homes. Germans are very very creative and you can go gaga over the stuff they make. To also make it easier, you have plenty of hobby stores around towns. One can spend hours together in such stores, looking and admiring and then wondering whether you have the creative streak in you.

The walks around town got me too into the festive mood. I thought I would start with something small, the idea of eggs in a basket seemed quite right. I already had a cane basket. All I needed were a few eggs and some grass for the perfect basket. During my visit to OBI on saturday I spotted plastic eggs on sale. A pack of 10 eggs costed 3 euro. With the eggs purchased, I got some look alike grass from E-centre.

            Palm Sunday saw me and the kids painting the eggs with childlike glee and here is the result!!!

I already had fevicryl acrylic and metalic paints with me. We used a combination of both. Boiled eggs too can be painted in a similar fashion. Right now this basket sits on my coffee table. I have in mind an Easter centrepiece for the table. Once done, it will follow in my next post.
Till Then,
With Love from Lohr.

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