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Monday, March 8, 2010

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Vinay's dream has finally come true!! A home theatre he has finally bought. Many years he has spent on researching, reviewing, roaming around and deciding what to buy. I wonder, how come he didn't take that long to decide about me. Like a faithful partner, I have tagged alongside him, shop to shop, trying to find the right system. I never enjoyed these outings though. After listening to a demo, he would ask me which system sounded better.  Honestly, I could never make out the difference. To me all sounded the same. He would get angry with this reply of mine and say that I am not interested. Seriously, I liked my Sony system at home and Rohit Barker never sounded better.

                    Once we knew we would be moving to Germany, with childlike delight Vinay tells me that he would buy a system here. By now he had also learnt not to ask me the "Question". His decision made, we finally bring his dream home. Unlike India, we do not have men delivering our goods and setting it up for us. Over here we have to do everything ourselves. With excitement, my man opens the boxes and begins the job of assembling.   Pretty soon we realise that it does not fit into our unit and so the furniture is moved around to accomodate his dream. Being quite late and irritated at seeing the mess that was being created, I choose to retire to bed.(My help was not required for the assembling). But Gosh, can I sleep? With all the noise coming from the living room till early morning, it turned out to be a sleepless night. Feeling like a zombie, on waking up, I was even more horrified to see my coffee table being used as a TV stand and horrible wires jutting out from everywhere. He now sheepishly tells me, we need another stand. And I thought we were done with furniture buying and setting up of the house. To make me feel better, Vinay tells me I can use the former place for any kind of creativity that I want. Sounding good, my mind starts racing immediately. In 5 minutes, I knew what I would be doing with that space!!!

With the kids in an activity centre, our hunt for a stand begins. What shouldn't have taken long, takes much more time. Zeroing on one, we head back home. He now has to assemble the stand and I have all the household chores waiting to be done. The effects of a sleepless night catching up on me I once again tell that Our Sony box was good enough. Vinay shakes his head in utter disbelief. I am now exhausted, worried looking at the hall, (since we were to have guests the following day) and cannot think straight. As my friend Sheryl said, men and their toys. It is so very true. Just like little boys, they cannot wait to unwrap the present and start assembling it up like a LEGO set. It doesn't matter if they have to forego sleep, they will go to any lengths to achieve their goal, which in my man's case was to get the home theatre playing. What is it with men and their gadgets? To me the purpose of a car is to take me from a point to a destination. The purpose of a sound system is to listen to good music. I am not worried about the sub woofer, bass and so on. I do not understand these dynamics. We women are wired not to understand anyway. As John Gray wrote : Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus!!!

    With these thoughts in mind, I drag myself to bed, this time unaware of the noises coming from the hall. A restful night, I awake to a neat hall, the theatre set up, and Vinay knocked out from this world. I am  pleased at the result, careful not to wake him up. I know that when he gets up, he will be waiting to show me the theatrical effect!! I think it is time to make some pop corn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally a peek into my creative zone......................... An indoor garden of orchids!!!!!!!! The home theatre turned out to be expensive after all ( I am grinning!!!!!!!!!!!).


  1. hahaha.
    My husband was the same when we first got the Home theater that he wanted. Since we bought it in Dubai and Egypt has crazy customs duties, one speaker was brought over on each trip that he made. Then once evrything had arrived, he assembled it in Egypt. Within 3 weeks we had to close the house because we were moving to Dubai! LOL

    Anyway in Dubai too, he lovingly assembled everything testing sound and distance and God alone knows what else. Any mall we walked into, meant I had to spend at least one hour in an electronic shop looking at "new accessorries" and Dubai is dangerous if you have a man who likes these "toys".

    Now that we are in India, he has asked me to check if the Samsung guys who will come to wall mount the TV will install the TV & the music home theater system too. (yes, we have 2, I told you Dubai was dangerous!)

    So hopefully his infatuation has passed.

    Although he is still eyeing my iTouch and wants to get it hooked up into the Home theater system.

  2. Goodness Gracious!! That's what Vinay was explaining to me last night that there are some more speakers to buy. And when he is testing sound and distance, we do not have to utter a word!!! Luckily for me here, the electronic stores not only sell electronic items, but also cutlery, crockery, DVD's and other knick knacks. So I wile away my time in the areas that interest me!!!

  3. hehe...nice to read ur post May and also to read Kim's comments.
    While i was reading the post, mentally i was unfolding all the adventures i went through with Allen when buying "home theatre's". We already have 3 home theatre's and just a week ago he told me there is a "Bose Lifestyle" system that he would like to buy coz, its the ultimate!! ;) (in what i don't know)!! everything sounds same to me, as u'll said. I asked him the price and then just told him, maybe i could spend that money on buying myself something so people can see me flaunting it :)He was quick to reply "Its my passion"!


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