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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Car is here....

She is finally here, our car, an Opel Zafira.  And boy, am I relieved. After months of searching high and low for the perfect car, ( you see, expats cannot afford a new car in Germany, unless you are a Managing Director or something!!! , which means you need to get the best out of an used car), she finally is in her new home. I wonder who drove her before, what stories have revolved around her, what memories, was it painful to let her go???

      As I look at her, I remember our first car, a Maruti Alto, which, we had to sell off. I tried my level best to keep her, but it just didn't seem to work out. We had to leave, and our return being unsure, there was no way of keeping her behind, lying idle in some garage. So it was with a heavy heart, that I bade her goodbye.

I still recall the excitement, the thrill we experienced when buying our Alto. With two kids, and a lot of hassling with the Bengaluru auto drivers to reach anywhere, the car was an answer to my prayers, a dream come true. Only problem though was, I didnt know how to drive and had assumed that I never would.  Me, who took half an hour to cross busy roads, would never drive, or that's what I declared. This declaration meant, I needed a driver to get me anywhere and who else could that be, my hubby dearest. It took a years coaxing for me to finally enrol myself to a driving class. Classes completed, the dynamics of gear changing, reversing, clutch and accelerator understood.....passed the test, yet, my heart would be in my mouth while driving. It was then, that Vinay came to my rescue. He faithfully sat beside me for a month, while I drove to work, would watch me reverse and park, and then would take the bus to work. I do not know whether it was for good or bad, but, he never got the car back. With the confidence I got, the car became more of mine.  There was no looking back.With a new feeling of independence, I could go where I please, with the kids seated behind.

       In due course, I slowly started taking along friends, colleagues, students, neighbours, .....the car was never empty. We never had an audio system, but no problem, there was always the three of us crooning to Mama Mia, Dancing Queen, ........There was also this time, when the kids would start fighting, yelling and kicking each other (luckily here, they are forced to strap themselves).  Repeated reminders and gentle talk never seemed to work, which then made me keep a small cane stick on the dashboard. Was that a great idea or what??? Much to the amusement of other motorists, here was a crazy female driver, with a stick in hand, driving away to glory. When I think of those moments, I now laugh, but the idea did work and soon the stick dissappeared!!

Those were the days, and so many memories of my dear Alto. I wonder who is driving it now, will the person be having as much fun as we did? I know, we will be making new moments and memories with our Opel, and are so looking forward to it.
Till then,
With Love from Lohr!!!




  1. nice one...May..! Am now in the process og gaining this confidence.Changing of gears seems to be such an ordeal..wonder why Indian cars dont have automatic gears as a mandatory feature.!!
    Wonder what I would do the day I drive through the aggressive traffic of Delhi..and hurl my choicest "galis" like the drivers do in this part of hte world..!!!!

  2. Oh Mohua, one thing's for sure!! You will enjoy hurling the choicest of "galis" like i did!!! I think i had road rage in blore!!! lol!!!!!

  3. Loved ur post May...especially the cane on the dashboard idea is!! I must learn to drive..i have been sufficiently motivated reading your post :) thanks!

  4. hey May your blog write very well may are indeed multi talented ..Vinay is a lucky man

  5. Hey May!
    Nice blogs! Keep writing..The Map below shows u have visitors from across the globe :) Keep rocking!


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