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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Move

My first post, titled, "The Move". If it were not for the move, this blog would not have been created in the first place. Yes, I was a woman, a contented woman who was living with her family in her dream home and even better, with a dream job I loved so very much!!! Little did I know that my world would turn topsy turvy with the move.

      Having lived in Bangalore for the past 10 years, I had taken it for granted that we would not be leaving the place, ever. So, when my husband Vinay's company, decides to give him a transfer, (of course, he used to keep talking about it, but I never took it seriously), it did take me by surprise. So there it was, we would be moving to Lohr, Germany for a period of three years, leaving family, friends and all so many other things behind.

The next four months saw me leaving my job( I was teaching Statistics to Grade 11 and 12), bidding adieu to my family, friends and also some of my favourite things, for instance,the car which I had enjoyed driving to the fullest on the streets of Bangalore, searching tenants for my dream home,(mind you I was one fussy landlady who would not hand over her home to any Tom, Dick or Harry) and the most tiring job of all, packing all our belongings and finding a place to leave them behind. Thanks to my sister, all the boxes sit pretty in her attic.

    On the 5th of November, amidst tears, chaos and last minute madness, we were on board the Lufthansa, finally headed to Lohr. I didnt know what the future held for me. My heart ached for the family and life I left behind. Here I was, heading to a strange land, a land where everything was alien to me.... people, language culture, cuisine, the list goes on.

As I sit down and begin this blog today, it will be four months since we begun our lives in Lohr. We indeed have had ups and downs, laughter and tears, the feeling of wanting to return has waned off, the grieving process over. I am slowly learning the language, made new friends, changed our cuisine accordingly, and am beginning to explore the land of fairy tales and drown in its culture!!! The purpose of creating this blog is to pen in my thoughts occasionally and also give my friends a peek into the place I now call home!!!

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  1. I came all the way to your first post, ,to get a little acquainted with you: where you come from, why Lohr, and all that. I hope you are by now adjusted to your new life and not missing too much! :-)


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