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Friday, March 12, 2010

Snow White and Me

When it was known that we would be moving to Lohr, I was curious to know about the place I would be going to. On Googling Lohr, I was astonished to read this in Wikipedia "Lohr is said to be Snow White’s possible birthplace".  I thought to myself, did she really live? I would still like to think of Snow White as a fairytale. 

                  Legend has it that, once upon a time in the castle of Lohr, there lived a widowed Count, whose beautiful daughter was not popular with the stepmother, because the "mirror, mirror, on the wall" refused to recognise this lady as " the fairest of them all". The castle of  Lohr is now the Spessart Museum and this "speaking mirror" continues to hang inside. The museum gives a fascinating insight into the poverty-stricken and rather unromantic way of life of earlier times, when glass - making played an important role.

             It was last week during one of my walks with Anna, that I captured the shots of the enchanting castle against the blue sky!! And as I am busy clicking, Anna points out to the woods and tells me, that this is where Snow White escaped to from her wicked Stepmother. 

I do not know whether it was pure coincidence or what? The day after our walk and these lovely shots, as I was doing the dishes, Anna squeals with delight that Walt Disney's Snow White was on TV. As I could here the dwarfs marching home and singing along, after a hard days work at the mine, I am tempted to plonk on the sofa and delight in this magical fairytale along with my daughter. And before you know it, there I am, with my apron still on, revelling in the story of the "mirror, mirror on the wall". As it was planned earlier that we would be going out, on arriving home,my very much amused husband,  finds his wife with an apron, and the kids engrossed with the witches apple and teary eyed dwarfs. Oh Please, let us see the kiss from the prince I beg. Grumbling about the delay, we are left alone with our magical tale................ Somehow, the child in me, refuses to grow........

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