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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesdays around the world...

When I first heard about Nikolaus last year, I was a confused woman. Who on earth was Nikolaus and why was he getting candy to the children so early. Wanting to clear a few doubts, I went hunting for some information and here's what I found.
     Nikolaus is not to be confused with Santa Claus. Each year on December 6, Germans remember the death of Nicholas of Myra, who died on that day in 346. He was a Greek bishop known for miracles and giving gifts secretly, and is now the patron saint of little children.
On the night of Dec 5, every child leaves outside a clean polished boot( polished to show that they have been good) for Nicholas to leave the candy. The custom began because St. Nicholas had a reputation of leaving secret gifts such as coins in people's shoes overnight. 
P.S. Looks like I am gonna continue this custom even on return to India. I kind of like it and it is indeed a very nice way to remember the holy saint. My kids are having a ball what with the candy from Nikolaus and gifts from Santa on Christmas Eve..:D


  1. Cool. Hopefully the candy doesn't have toe jam in it! Ha ha!

  2. We've got Sinterklaas here and they do the same thing with the boot and they leave the candy/chocolates in shoe when he enters the country. Dec 5 is their big gift giving day..We still hold onto Dec 25 as our main gift giving day so on thee 5th we usualyl put chocolate and a gift in their shoe so they dont feel to left

  3. What a fascinating legend. I love how there are so many unique things to do and get ready for Christmas all around the world. Thank you as always for joining us for Tuesdays around the World. We just love you over there May! XO

  4. Yeah, you came to visit! Thank you!
    Isn't this such a lovely tradition?
    My kids love it too, nobody in the States does it and they are happy to get extra sweets....


    PS: So nice to know you are originally from India! We have so many Indian families living here in our neighborhood! Our school celebrates every year Diwali with an Indian Dance Festival! (Westchester County ,NY)


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