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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Countdown to Christmas..

Do you have a countdown to Christmas in your home??
We are having one, with the Advent calendar.
It is filled with chocolates and candy...:) 


  1. The advent calendar is way bigger over in europe it seems like. Growing up we had a simple one but it was never something we did all the time. I do like it though.

  2. We have a small cardboard box that has cutouts filled with candy. Same thing but much six bucks. My kids are excited they get to eat chocolate for breakfast as each square is filled with a chocolate piece

  3. @Rebecca : We too had the same cut out box filled with candy!! I wanted something different, where I could personally put my kids favorite candy.
    @Sonya: We do not have this tradition back in India. I do like it though and I intend on continuing on return


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