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Thursday, December 30, 2010

What we have been upto!!!

What started to be a minor move has turned out to be quite a big thing!!! Since we moved into our home last year, we bought the basics required in a home and adjusted ourselves. Over the months, it started to feel a bit cramped and we began to run out of space especially the kids. So hubby came up with an idea of us switching rooms with the children. It seemed a better idea than moving houses all together. Or so I thought....
    We began 3 days ago, took us the entire day to dismantle, move and assemble our respective beds. Yesterday we were the entire day at Ikea, buying us more furniture. And as of today, our house looks as though a tornado has just swooped in and left with boxes strewn around, assembling happening simultaneously. Tomorrow is New Year's eve and I so want my house to be back in shape, all pretty and cosy. Heaven help me!!! For now, a picture of my pretty hand painted candle holder which I received from a dear friend for Christmas.

P.S: I am already dreading our return to India in 2012!!!!


  1. So you just moved around your rooms? Not to a new house? Why did you need new furniture?

  2. We are crammed to the hilt over here..the houses here are so much smaller and it drives me nuts..Good luck with it and I cant believe you will be heading back so soon!

  3. Rebecca, the kids needed a study table plus more shelving for their toys!!


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