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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sundays in my City

Two weeks ago, we visited what is said to be one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Northern Bavaria!! Miltenberg is a small town, roughly an hours drive from home. The weather being crappy was outweighed by the fact that it was a very beautiful market. There were lovely ornaments, yummy crepes, aromatic apple cinnamon schnapps and not to forget, roasted chestnuts which we had for the first time!!!

We have not been having the best of weather for the past few days!!! I am hopeful, it will get better towards Christmas. A happy week to you all...:) Do not forget to pop in at Unknown Mami and see what's happening around the world!!!

Unknown Mami


  1. Beautiful pictures! Stay warm and travel safe. It's bitter cold and constant snow here but it's getting nicer for the holiday. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas in Germany!

  2. Wow, what an eye popping post! Such ornate beauty! And btw, I love the look of your blog, it's beautiful!

  3. I had roasted chestnuts for the first time too when I went to our christmas market..they didn't taste at all like I had expected..I dont know wat I was expecting to be It was different but good.

    Love your always! : ) Enjoy your's almost christmas!!!

  4. Completely and totally gorgeous.

    AND, our local news did a bit on how bad the weather has been in Germany. I was talking with my husband about how I 'know' someone in Germany that's blogged a bit about it.

    Thanks for keeping me informed! I feel smart.

  5. I am smiling for ear to ear. Your photos definitely put me in the holiday spirit and make me want to go shopping :-)

    Hope the weather cooperates and you have a wonderful Christmas!

    Happy SIMC, jj

  6. I'm jealous. I've never had a roasted chestnut.

  7. Well for having not the best weather yiou sure have captured beauty! Thank you.

    Kristin - the goat


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