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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Less of me...

When I enrolled myself to The Deutsch course, I was told by somebody that I would not have any time for blogging!! I am afraid that it is turning out to be true...:( More than not having time, the mind is too occupied to think of new ideas to blog. Also, being stuck in a classroom during the day followed by rushing home to complete all the house hold chores leaves me with no time to capture anything new on the cam!!! And Lohr am Main is bursting with green grass, colorful geraniums and gorgeous roses. Hopefully, this weekend I should be able to capture the beauty that I am surrounded with....
Till then,
With Love from Lohr.


  1. This photo montage as your blog header is beautiful.

  2. Well, I wish you success in your course!! Looking foward to seeing your beautiful photos soon!

  3. You are missed but it's worth it to be a good German speaker...or survive in a foreign country with a difficult language.


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