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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesdays around the world

Hello my loves!! After debating whether to write a post or not, looks like my blog won!!! I am desperately hard crunched for time, but then, I just could not let go of my Tuesday...:)
     I have begun my classes, finally!! I have so much to tell. We are a batch of 13 students, from 11 different countries. One speaks English, the rest their respective languages from their homeland. So as of now, it looks like Deutsch will be the language we will have to communicate in, for which we need to learn.
Our teacher is a warm lovely person. It does feel pretty strange to me cause roughly a year and a half ago I was standing in her place and I loved every moment of my work. Sitting for 5 classes at a go is pretty strenuous. Mid day, our stomach's begin to rumble. Somebody's was rumbling so loud today, we had to control fits of laughter in between the classes. Towards the last class, I am close to dozing off. Luckily, we have breathtaking scenery from our class, so I try to distract myself with the mountains of our beautiful forests and roof tops of Lohr am Main (I promise a picture in a future post).
    Our batch is a pretty good mix of people. Though I have not spoken in person to anybody, from what I see, we have thinkers, frowners, over confident, gigglers, shy, hesitant students in our midst. The amazing part is that, our Lehrerin or teacher knows how to deal with each one of us.
The next seven months look very long, too long. But then, when I know that I am going to benfit from all this and that it is time well spent, it is worth the wait.

What does your today look like or what are you doing? Have you embarked in an adventure like me? The girls at Communal Global wanna know. Do link up with us, so that we can come and visit you..:)



  1. I'm really glad you found the moments to post - - - I LOVE seeing your Europe photos. Soooooo beautiful!

  2. How wonderful you are going to school and all. I'm so proud of you! I really want to go back to school but wonder how I would every have the time. Home schooling is so taxing and time consuming it is hard to get anything else done. My husband tells me I could teach the kids our older kids the subjects I'm taking...that way I can study and they will learn. Sounds good but I wonder if it would work. I guess I'm one of those shy, hesitant students your talking about.

    Can't wait to hear more! and I know that pull your talking about! I feel it all the time...LOL!

  3. May..good for you for starting class! maybe sometime you can take in some baked brings us together when our language fails us :) My lovely Turkish neighbor is unable to talk to me but she always brings me the best food from time to time.

    Love your header! you are taking some beautiful photos : )

  4. May you are so dedicated to the language. I'm happy you have beautiful scenery to look at don't get caught day dreaming in class!

  5. That's great news, May! Learning a different language can only benefit you in the long run. Good luck in your educational endeavors.

    Lovely photo. It looks mighty green in your area already. =)

  6. Enjoy your class! I remember in grade school when someone's stomach would be grumbling loudly and we'd all try not to giggle too loudly!



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