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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday's in my City

Yipee, my month is finally here!! I love it when May arrives...:) Apart from being my birth month(Ye ye, that's why I am named May!!!), the warm weather, color and sunshine, what's not to love about that??
We had an eventful week, with the kids being home for Easter holidays. The final countdown to the first holy communion of my son and daughter has begun. Next Sunday, at this time, my husband and I should be playing gracious hosts to 25 odd guests who will be sharing in our joy. More on the event will follow the coming week with pictures and stories about the entire celebration.

This week, we headed over to Koblenz, 200 kms from where we live to witness the Bundesgartenschau that was held. In Germany, the federal garden show is held once every two years. I love garden shows. right from my childhood days. Being a lover of plants,back home I used to grab the opportunity to visit a horticulture show of any kind. On arrival in Germany, I missed these colorful events, but then, every village has flowers popping out their windows, doors, yards and houses which in turn is a visual treat to the eyes. 

I am grateful for a family who understands my love for flowering plants and accomodate my need to visit these places. They patiently tag along side me as I exclaim and wonder at the gorgeous colors and shapes of the petals.

The garden show runs from April to October. But I hurried along this week before the tulips withered out and went out of season. I know, tulip fields are plenty in neighboring Netherlands, but honestly, I do not know whether I will ever reach there. So, we hurried up this week, cause, even a tiny patch of tulips were enough to satisfy my soul.

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  1. Beautiful pictures!!! Just LOOK at all those flowers. So pretty.

    Over here on THIS side of the globe and in OUR little corner of the world, we're still HOPING for that warm you are talking about - - - not looking too good at the moment, 1:40 PM on May 1 and still only 41 degrees and cloudy. (That's 41 F, not C)

  2. Oh! WOW! How beautiful! My mother is a May baby too. It's a beautiful month is S.C. BUT your flowers WOWZA!!!!!!

    First Holy is very exciting! I can't wait to see the pictures. :)

  3. The colour of all of those flowers is wonderful. I can understand why you need to drive so far to enjoy the beauty.
    Happy SIMC and have a great week.

  4. Thank you for sharing this magnificent tulip extravaganza with us. It's been a few years now since I've been able to go to Butchart Gardens which isn't too far away near Victoria, British Columbia. I love it most in the early Spring when the tulips are in bloom and , again in June, when the roses are in riotous color and fragrance. Retirement has now limited my travel dollars so I must live vicariously throuogh blogging friends such as you who are kind enough to share your amazing photographs.

    My "Sundys In My City" is at:

    Have a superb week ahead!

  5. Breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Part of the charm of Northern Europe is the flowers. I recall a summer I spent in Western Russia. Flowering fields everywhere! Enjoy your springtime!

  7. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  8. They are all so beautiful but the third one down is my favorite, I like how the flowers seem layered..the ones growing closer to the ground and the taller tulips.

  9. Oh, that sea of tulips! It is just breathtaking. :)

  10. Gorgeous! I hope this week goes smooth in preparation for the communion. And who know if you will give up your day of birth so I'm wishing you a Happy Birthday Month!! :)

  11. Beautiful! I love the one with the statue. Happy May (and happy early birthday)!!! :)

  12. Wow - wow - wow! Amazingly colorful and happy :) THank you for sharing!


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