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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday's in my city.

What do you do with left over bread??

Bread pudding?? or any other yummy dish I know of??

or do you save it like me(in a refrigerator of course!!) to feed the ducks!!! Today, we headed out to our favorite spot by the river Main to feed ducks..:)

As the kids were busy strewing bread crumbs for their feathery friends, I could not help but look around and see how everybody else were enjoying their Sunday.

Wish we had a boat like the family above to quietly sail away. I must have whispered my wish out loud, cause pretty soon Sonny was counting out loud the money he had to see if he could buy a boat for Mamma..:)

And then there was this dare devil who caused quite a stir with his loud motor boat.

 There was also a row boat with people taking turns to row. I hope you are not fed up of my shots of the river Main. Cause I saved the best for last!!

One of the many barges that sails from one city to another. I wonder what does it feel like to work on these big boats. All I know is that they transport goods . Many a time I spot cars and dogs too on the deck. It must be quite interesting to have a job like this.
What was your Sunday like? Head on over to Unknown Mami and take a peek.

Unknown Mami


  1. I like what you do with bread crumbs and I'm sure the ducks are most appreciative.

  2. Great idea! And I also love your boat pics, seems like everyone is cooling off.

  3. I need to go on a duck feeding adventure. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Thanks for stopping by our blog. It's nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to checking out more of your blog. Happy Memorial Day my friend!

  5. So sunny.

    So peaceful.


  6. What are the beautiful Sunday ! I like your photos simply awesome...Keep writing and sharing with us. All the best !

    Truly Asia,

  7. We fed the ducks this evening :) thats one of my favorite things to do:) The weather so was amazing yesterday! it rained all day today but thankfully the sun will be back tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful week : )

  8. I love feeding ducks. I haven't done it in a long time.


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