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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sundays in my City!

Yesterday marked the finale of the communion children's journey together. For the past eight months all of them had been meeting every month to prepare themselves to receive Jesus Christ. To mark the end of this beautiful journey, all the children along with their families went to a play held in a theatre at Münsterschwarzach, an hour's drive from Lohr am Main. We travelled by bus and since this was our first time traveling in a bus in Deutschland, it was pretty exciting. Along the way I kept myself busy snapping away.

Considering the fact that we hadn't been on a drive for the past 3 weeks, I was astonished to see the way everything had transformed to a lush green!!!

With a storm forecast for the evening, the sky was dotted with grey clouds here and there. That's how little villages look when traveling.

Here came the best part!!! Vineyards!!! Very soon, wine tasting festivals will be on the groove...:)

I love these country roads. At times you are the lone driver for miles together, sort of like King of the road!!!

Have you ever seen the windmills of Deutschland?? They are pretty huge and very interesting to watch too.

As we returned home in the evening, we could see the dark clouds or rather the German storm approaching...;-)

Unknown Mami


  1. Gorgeous lush pictures!! Sounds like another perfect Sunday!

  2. Everything is so green, so lush, so beautiful!

  3. Wow. It's amazing how beautiful the world is. Thanks for capturing and sharing the beauty.


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