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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finally, Hello Fall!!!

All my neighbors, both in bloggy land and Deutschland welcomed fall with wreaths hanging on their doors, pumpkins outside their porches, apple cakes and pumpkin pies in their ovens and all other FALLY(that's my own word) things you can think of!! And all the while, my door welcomed its visitors with a HELLO SPRING wreath. Summer had come and gone, autumn had set in and still hello spring??So, before christmas set in, I thought that I better get my act together.
 I set out to make not one but two wreaths. One for our main door and the other for inside the home. I have mentioned before about the amazing art and craft shops we have here in Germany. I would have loved to show you a peek into the one I so often frequent, but I am having my doubts whether the owners would approve of me clicking and putting up pictures on the net( I tried once asking the owner of an Asian store and she just refused. Infact, she was not happy about me taking shots of the shop from outside too!!!). I love doing up my home and it gives me immense pride to do it up with things prepared by our very own hands. It also encourages the children to try their hands on making pretty things(though over a period off time your home gets filled up and if you are the kind of mother that I am, then you have your cupboards and drawers full too.)
I try to get my inspiration from everywhere. Nature, books, homes, window shopping......not to forget the world of internet. All you got to do is keep your eyes open, see, take mental notes and then let your mind weave the magic. That's what I did with the wreath above. I knew I wanted the typical fall colors with the leaves, pumpkins, pinecones and not to forget the magical fairy mushroom!! It did take me a lot of time to find those fake leaves. 

I bought a circular wreath and wrapped it around with coir. I then used a hot glue gun to stick the leaves, corn, pumpkin, apple(all made of plastic) and pinecones.

I always love the mushroom posts on my bloggy friend Sonya's blog. And to think that she has really seen the red mushroom with white spots. Well. I have seen them only in fairytale books. While I am still on the lookout to see these fellows for real, I had to have a fake one on my wreath. My daughter and I did look silly searching for the PERFECT plastic!!!!
Once you are done, wrap around with a bow made of colored straw, hang it on your door and say out loud HELLO FALL...:D


  1. Wow! The wreath looks great and all those plastic veggies you have used look so cute.

  2. Your creations are quite impressive! I, usually, take the easy road out and buy ready made ones. So glad fall has finally arrived!

  3. LOVE your wreath and I sure hope you find some of those fairytale mushrooms..start peaking under trees and in the forest..thats where I always spot mine :)

  4. It´s a very pretty creation! I need to find some wreath too, I´m not good enough to make my own I think..! :-D

  5. Love and your daughter did a great job! Especially love the mushroom touch. I love Sonya mushroom picture I to hope to see a real red and white mushroom some day!

    Hello Fall and Have a wonderful day!

  6. oh my gosh.. the wreath is gorgeous.. stunning.. Please do join our festive party..

    Love your blog.. Would love to see you at Colours Dekor..

  7. The mushrooms do look very cute... ;-) ;-)... Love your wreath..

    I would love for you to link in your festival / seasonal decor posts to the blog party going on at my blog ... Details can be found here :

    Hope to see you in with more and more entries ;-) ;-) ... !!

  8. Aaawww.. Thanks soooooo much for coming to link in.. That was truly lovely!! Hope you enjoy the Halloween season.. and am looking forward to seeing some more inspirations here!!


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