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Friday, June 8, 2012

Play dates..

The kids have been home since the past 10 days. Also one of the reasons for the sporadic posts. 
Before the holidays began they expressed a desire to invite their friends over for play dates.
For the past 2 years, I lacked the confidence to have any of their friends over.
Even now, it did get me stressed up.
My kids have been fortunate enough to have made plenty of local friends.
So, I decided it was about time to let go of my fear.
What were my fears?
What would I feed them? German or Indian food?
Would they like it or not?
What would I say to them?
Would I embarrass my kids in front of their friends with my broken German language?

It was about time to toss away my worries out of the window and begin interacting with my kid's friends.
They did have a lovely time, all of them...
With the legos, video games, some dancing to MJ and water pistols at the park..
Now they want to do it all over again, during summer.

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