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Saturday, June 30, 2012

June (in Facebook and Instagram)

While I may not be updating my blog 24/7, I do it a lot on my Facebook page through Instagram pictures. I may have gone overboard with my pics, but that's how the past month was. I cannot believe that we are half way through the year. So without any delay here's a recap of the month:

1. We finally got garden furniture and I did spend quite some time drinking tea amidst the flowers.
2. Summer means berries. And some of them went into liqueur making...:D
3. We visited a töpferei markt. It was wonderful and we came back home with this lovely teapot.
4. More time spent in the kitchen. I made confiture!
5. I was tricked into a very long bike ride. My behind was sore for a week!!!
6. I did pluck wild flowers though....they were beautiful.
7. It had been quite long since I stopped by the spielplatz. This netted swing is my kids favorite.
8. I get small treasures once in a while, from the little ones.
9. That is the view right outside the room where I have my violin lessons.
10. Blue skies make for very pretty pictures. The Altes Rathaus or the old town hall on a summer's day.
11. Not all days are fun of those days when it was gloomy and cold and not a soul around.
12. That's my favorite lane...Fischergasse, with very old houses and fairytale gardens.
13. Gingerbread cookies at the altstadt fest which was a week ago.
14. Ms A's farewell grill party at school since all the kids will be going to different high schools the  
      coming year.
15. Well, that's how our living room was done up for the semi finals of EURO 2012. Germany
      lost...the kids were disappointed.
16. Have you had peanut/groundnut ice cream before?  I just did yesterday!

Well, I have also begun a countdown on my page yesterday called Lohr am Main 365 where I will be posting a picture everyday. When I look back, I shall have an album full of memories, thoughts and stunning pictures all in one place apart from this blog.


  1. I love your photos! And I really liked the idea of making a review of the month through Instagram photos! Actually, I liked the idea so much that I "stole" it for my blog (with credit, of course!). :)

    1. Haha, if that's what you call it, then I too stole the idea a few months back from Tina @Tinajo at home..:D

  2. Your photos are so lovely. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Love your June....Nothing beats the ice cream in Germany! Sorry Germany lost. Looking forward to more pictures as always they are amazing. Happy Monday!


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