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Monday, June 25, 2012

I have been doing a lot of thinking, pondering, wondering....
Next year around this time, our bags should be packed, our belongings beginning their journey back to our homeland..
And we shall bid adieu to Deutschland.
Though we have a whole year, I know it will just fly by...
As I walk around with my iPhone in hand, I stop, I notice, I capture...
I have way too many pictures of Lohr and yet, I want to take more..
Every time, it looks different.
The moods, colors..... always changing..
There are narrow lanes unexplored..
Many window shops to be admired....
cobbled streets to be walked on..
so much more..

Our countdown has begun.


  1. It has - but it will be a sweet countdown I´m sure, enjoying everything you see and do on the way! Why are you there by the way; working?

  2. I'm sure that this blog is going to be an amazing way to remember all the time you've spent here. And even if this year is going to fly by, I hope it's filled with very nice memories :) Isn't it amazing these days to be able to capture life even with the cellphone?

  3. I know that going home will be sweet, but you have certainly made the best of being in another country! If you have not visited Sächsische Scweiz (Saxony's Switzerland) yet, be sure that you do. Not too far out of Dresden, we stayed at Pfaffendorf and enjoyed Festung Konigstein immensely. A place NOT overrun with American tourists, the rock formations are just amazing. My husband is from Germany, we have visited a number of times and this was one of our most favorite experiences.

  4. Enjoy your time til the next year and also in India.


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