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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Memories of home

The past three years I have been gifted fresh produce from various friends who have gardens.
Veggies, fruits, greens, nuts, sometimes flowers too.
And whenever this has happened, memories of home come rushing through.

Post marriage, whenever mum visited me, she would arrive with bags full of fresh produce that grew round the clock in my parents garden. It also worked the same way when we visited her. Prior to departure, mum and dad would get to work together, Dad plucking fresh veggies or fruits from the garden, mum sorting them out and both of them lovingly packing it all up for me to take back home. Well, darling hubby never understood what the fuss was all about considering the fact that everything was available in the local stores. 
Living here I miss these packages of love big time. I am glad that I have friends who make up for it in whatever little ways they can.


  1. Wonderful autumn fruits in beautiful colors. So lovely !

  2. Such special memories....I miss the same! Always this time of year in Utah my sister would bring me tons of peaches from her tree and my Mom would share her I rely on farmers market or store! :(


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