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Friday, September 28, 2012

Life is good..

Things have been quiet here on the blog..:-)
It's not that I have no time, I do. It's been quite a change having the entire day laid out in front of me. Been catching up with friends both in India and in town. Chatting online with friends, something I could not afford due to being busy when they were free(online chats can go on for a long time). Now I have all the time in the world and it feels good to really connect with many dear friends. With the local ones, we have begun meeting for coffee, once again something I can do now since I have no hungry kids coming home for lunch.
On the home front, I have begun experimenting in the kitchen. We have been having new meals every night for dinner. The husband is happy, the kids are happy, so am I.

I cannot believe that autumn has hit us head on. The leaves are a beautiful yellow and orange. Stunning indeed. Only difference being that Mr Sun seems to have gone on holiday asking Miss rain to take care of affairs till he returns!!
Being our last autumn season here, I have been wanting to collect these pretty stunners and wax them so that I can keep them forever and ever. If only the rain gods would spare us for a while, I really can't do much with wet leaves, can I?
Which now brings me to Pinterest. I am on a roll there, pinning along!!! 

If you have been following me on facebook, you must have seen my pic of the first autumn leaves I picked up. Perfect in every single way. Even better on candle stands. The kids have made quite a few candles in the past 3 years which I proudly displayed inside the home. After a lot of thinking I decided to burn them all this autumn and winter. Our return to India is to a place where temperatures touch 45 C (113 F) and what will remain of these is a melted mess. So as well as watch them glowing pretty and provide us warmth during this cold season.


  1. Homemade candles and fall leaves...what's not to love? I have a candle burning right now, and it just changes the whole feel of the house. Enjoy.

  2. Really pretty, the orange of those leaves is awesome! Here in Spain leaves are still green, I guess they'll start to change in two weeks or so. I can't wait!


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