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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A new year..

A new beginning.
After a fantastic summer break, the schools in Bavaria re opened today. Since it was our girl's first day at the Gymnasium, we parents had to accompany her. 
The teachers were introduced, the students sent to their respective classroom. 
There was a slight cause for worry as she was separated from her group of friends(they are grouped according to the language chosen).

By the time they returned all was well. Apparently sonny too is separated from his group as he has chosen a different language this year .
They are quite excited with their student plans, list of books to buy and new subjects to learn.

Now, we are headed out to shop for school supplies. Over the weekend, I should be back on the blogging track.


  1. I hope you are - I´ve missed your post! :-)

  2. I hope they have a great year in school. Is this your last year in Germany? How different is their schooling in Germany from Malaysia ? (I think that is home right?) Katelyn had to take a few extra courses that American schools require.

  3. How exciting it must be for them to start again! :)

    In Catalonia kids started today at school too :)

  4. Blog breaks sometimes just happen, summers are fun filled, fall is busy! i was a teacher years ago, there is something so exciting about the start of a new year...yes, new beginnings too!

  5. I used to love shopping for school I would sharpen all my pencils and stick them in my pencil case and then take everything out and rearrange it all again. I was an odd child for sure :)

    I wish you a wonderful week..Fall is coming on fast over here :)


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