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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fairytale Mushrooms.

Today, I am at peace..:-)
We finally spotted the fairytale mushrooms during our walk in the woods.
With the end of summer and the string of festivals attached to the season, we now begin our walks in the forests. Something that we do more during spring and autumn. 

I would always be filled with awe whenever my bloggy pal Sonya put up pictures of these bright red mushrooms on her blog. Looking back on her posts I now see that I even commented about not having spotted them at all and here's her reply..
"Oh wow May, I would think for sure that you guys would have them! I usually find them hiding along the sides of the road,under trees..any forest type are. I bet you have them but haven't been lucky enough to spot them just yet!"

And lucky is what we have been today!! While most of them were eaten up maybe by birds or wild animals(as the last pic shows), there were two perfect ones, just for US!!


  1. They're so pretty to look at! :) Since they're not yummy to eat (I'm guessing) at least they look amazing in pics, so colorful!

    1. Not yummy at all!! :D They're poisonous Laura!!

  2. Wow! Those are so beautiful. What a fabulous find!

  3. I am SO HAPPY that you were finally able to spot these fabulous fairytale mushrooms! they are popping up here like crazy now with all the rain we have been getting. As soon as I get over my cold I will be outside with my camera snapping away :)

  4. So happy you finally found some and beautiful they are! I wish in all my walks in the forest of Germany never saw such beauties! happy Monday!

  5. They are really cute, would love to see them myself!


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