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Friday, September 21, 2012

Goodbye Sommer

I feel like Alice in wonderland, lost in time.
Yesterday was my first violin lesson(the music school follows an academic year just like normal schools) and between our small talk my tutor casually mentions that autumn officially begins on Saturday. I honestly do not know what made me think that it was still quite a long way off. The transformation from green to yellow had begun right in front of my eyes and yet, I wanted to be in denial. I didn't want summer to end. 
I didn't want the color to vanish.
And before you think that all I will do is lament in this post, I shall stop.
Instead, here's a treat to the most gorgeous summer we had.

It's my third year experiencing the changing seasons, something we do not have back home in India. I have come to the conclusion that I do not like winter at all. And something tells me that I won't miss it too on return, hopefully..:D 
So friends, tell me, are you excited about the forthcoming seasons? 


  1. I do love fall but knowing the German gray winters are like I understand your pain! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. You have some wonderful summer photos here, no wonder you are sad to see it go. Maybe you can find some new joys and delights this winter, making it seem shorter and more pleasant.

  3. What gorgeous photos of flowers hanging from the balconies...and the berries too. It all screams summer colour doesn't it? I too hate winter, I'm glad where I live in Perth, the winters are relatively mild compared to the European winters, and the sun shines most days, which helps to brighten a winter day!

  4. I just wrote a post about my dread of winter...India sounds good to me! (o:


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