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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Early spring ♥

As the winter passes, everybody wait desperately for the first sign of colour. For, the trees are bare and meadows dull. As we patiently wait for spring to arrive, I satisfy my soul by walking around town,  taking in slowly the sights of the seasons first flowers. Then, I am content.


  1. Gorgeous flowers....Oh! how I hope Spring is close by. I just shoveled six inces of snow today and it's blistery cold out....I hope to see flowers soon! Happy Wednesday May!

  2. It's so cold here,May! my nails are purple and Im drinking coffee like crazy to stay warm..we even had a light snow fall this morning. I could use a serious dose of sun and warmth right about now :)

  3. Very pretty, it's just so nice to see color...we are several months away from that here. By the way, your header picture is just beautiful!


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