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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Facebook and Instagram: December & January

The month of December saw me bombarding my readers on the facebook page with pictures from Instagram. Blame it on the magic of Advent, the german christmas markets followed by travel during our christmas break. It was a season filled with lots of good food, merriment and cheer.

January came with a kind of lull which is expected after a season of festivities. The colour disappeared making way for snow white flakes. We enjoyed our sort of last snow fall(though we are still being treated to some more) with a game or two of sleighing. Grey rainy days too made an appearance every now and then.

A little while ago, the facebook page With Love from Lohr crossed over a 100 likes. I have had so much joy capturing the various moods and faces of Lohr am Main and sharing our experiences with you all my dear readers. All I can say is thank you, Vielen Dank with all my heart!!


  1. Wonderful photos by you which capture the flavor and beauty of the crisp white Christmas and Holy days.

  2. I love seeing your photos come up on my Facebook feed. They are like postcards

  3. You take some of the best pictures! Love seeing them all!


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