You brighten my day..

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


(Spring flowers on my coffee table)

Today, am grateful for thoughtful friends who know what brings a smile to my face. When the weather is low and grey skies are the norm, it's colour like the above that lifts me up. 

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  1. Thoughtful friends are something to really be grateful for, they don´t come around every day! :-)

  2. What a gorgeous flower! Friends are definitely a blessing!

  3. What a pretty flower! Such a bright pop of color!

  4. We are currently thawing out from a winter storm, watching the birds from inside. White is returning to brown. Perhaps I need to stop by the market and pick up a little color - your flower is very pretty.

  5. Such cheerful flowers! After our stretch of cold weather, I'm about ready to see some spring flowers. Thanks for that!

  6. Oh pretty! What lovely flowers, and thoughtful friends you've got!


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