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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


As I write this post, its snowing softly outside. And I'm sure the town and the surrounding villages look exactly as seen in the pictures below.

(Above pics taken during the last snowfall 10 days ago)

Winter this year as been so very different. We have been experiencing cycles of snow, melt, snow, melt.... which I think makes it look even prettier. Nothing beats the feel and look of fresh snow. And before it gets slushy to a blackened mess, it's all melted and gone, making you long for more. 
So as I enjoy nature's miracle within the warmth  of my home, am curious to know what's your day like? Link up and let us know...


  1. These look like picture postcards, May!

  2. So incredibly gorgeous. Like a painting! I am glad you are a part of Communal Global because you share such breathtaking shots of your world. LOVE!


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