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Friday, July 2, 2010

A Busy Bee....

This is going to be a hurried post. Summer is here with a bang! All the while the body was used to the near double digit temperature and all of a sudden it has shot to above 30 degrees. To make matters worse, German houses are not fitted with fans, which means we should buy one of our own. 

I thought I'd take advantage of the sunny weather and went on a washing spree. Jackets, shoes, bedsheets, name it, all day long the washing machine went a tumble and a tumble.
            Also I have been sprucing up the house here and there. My moments of sulking are over(over the home I left behind), and the feeling to do up our present home has finally arrived. As an expat, doing up a home can be pretty expensive. I have been trying best to do this with the resources available. Take a look at what I did to the bathroom today. And yes, we have very big windows in the bathroom here, which is quite funny, cause back home in India, the bathroom is the room which has the smallest windows.

German homes come with sills on the windows facing inside the house(as you can see the picture). Candles and flowers with lavender in a jewellery box did the trick. Did a surprise set up on the other sill. The kids have been missing the beaches back home very much. They loved this idea of mine.

      I have been inspired by Frau to do up our walls with knick knacks from our travels, paintings and photos. Here's what hubby walks in with to help me do up the walls.

Our own set of power tools!! This will be our project for the next two days. For now, I am one tired woman. Time to soak in the tub.......


  1. You place looks fantastic and I love how you did up your windows!! It's so hot and humid here! you go from one extreme to the next here. Summer has finally arrived! I have yet to really decorate our place. Im waiting until we buy a house in germany to really decorate.
    Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool! We bought a big ceiling fan for downstairs and all the rooms have fans in them. Plus my husband and I have a small portable air conditioner in our life saver! I never see anyone here with fans unless they are an

  2. The beachy sill is BEAUTIFUL and I think your project idea of using travel knick knacks in your decorating is a great one! Thanks for joining us for PSF this week!!


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