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Thursday, July 22, 2010

While he was away.......

My husband is back!! We were an excited trio waiting for him. The children, more so because they missed playing with him and me, because I missed my sleep( okay, joking there :D). So, what was I upto while he was away??? A makeover of the kitchen complete with rearrangement, scrubbing and wiping. Towards the end, I was an exhausted girl. Nevertheless, pleased with the end result!!!

I am lucky to have a big, bright and airy kitchen complete with cabinets, a cooking stove, an oven,  a refrigerator(without a deep freezer) and a dishwasher, unlike the rest of the house which was unfurnished. And further more, all of the cutlery and utensils are mine, shipped all the way from India, again unlike other houses where everything from the spoon to the pan is provided by the landlord. 
      As you can see in the above pictures I have an L shaped platform, with cabinetry below and above. Considering the fact that I got only 25% of my kitchen items, if I were to ship everything, the cabinetry would be totally insufficient. And yes, we use an electric stove to cook and not the gas stove with flames. It took me roughly two months to get the hang of cooking. Utensils only with a flat base can be kept on this stove. So, no Indian kadai's for the german stove.
This is my Indian ingredients corner. Once again, the spices are from India :-)) They have lasted the past eight months and my inventory is close to getting over. Please excuse the mis-matched bottles. Not knowing that glass bottles were available here, I carried quite a few. So now, I have an assorted collection of bottles!!!

For those who have been reading my blog The Chef, you might have realized, I have gotten into serious baking. A peek into my baking corner!!

Everything written in Deutsch!!! You can spot Cocoa, brown sugar, chopped almonds and powdered sugar.

Back in India, I never needed so many knives , considering the fact that meat and fish were cut at the market itself. All I had to do was clean it well and get to cooking it right away. When I first moved, my friends must have noticed my status update on Facebook where i said, I was wrestling with a chicken. Yes, that was what I literally did the first time. Not knowing how to cut and where to start!! The steel pair of scissors is what I use now to cut a chicken . The knives are for bread, meat and vegetables.

Here is my super silent mixer(that's what it says, though when it is on, I cannot hear myself speak) and the German wasser cooker( a cooker to boil water).

And here is my favorite part of the kitchen!! The dishwasher......which has made life easier. There are a lot of things that cannot be put in, for instance non-stick vessels or baking trays, but nevertheless this gadget has definitely reduced the amount of time, I spend in the kitchen!!!!

This is definitely on my "TO PURCHASE LIST" on return to India.


  1. Loved the peek into your kitchen :)

    I soooo miss my super efficient Dubai kitchen wach time I walk into my kitchen here. But I'm thankful to the previous tenants who installed an ac in there and it gets natural sunlight. 2 huge pluses for a Delhi kitchen!

  2. That was quite a sneak peak in ur kitchen May, u did a gud due to clean up mine soon, just gathering the amount of patience I wud need to put it up nice and clean!!

  3. So glad you girls enjoyed the peek!!
    @Kimi: I too remember my Indian kitchen a lot. It was an open kitchen and I was involved in whatever discussions were happening in the living & dining room. Here, I am like a solitary reaper all alone!!!
    @preety: I'd give anything to have that shiny granite counter!! I do not know what kind of counter we have here, but I do not like it. It stains easily..

  4. Oh man u have a way bigger kitchen that I do! When we moved in here..all we had were concrete floors! We have the kitchen sink and counter tops but that was it. I love your windows! is that a neighbors house I spot down below? I'm a total peeker..LOL

    Beautiful kitchen! now can u come over and clean mine????

  5. Now that's funny Sonya!!! Hmmm..maybe i will take the offer to make a trip down to Netherlands.
    Yes, that is a neighbors bicycle shop on the ground floor who has two entertaining dogs and an old lady lives on the second floor who loves to roam around her house in knickers and inner tops!!! Nobody lives on the first floor.
    So much for entertaining neighbors!!!

  6. I love LOVE the windows in the kitchen. They are amazingly wonderful!

  7. Oh very nice kitchen!! I love all your Indian spices, I cam imagine how they all must smell... It'd kill me to be your neighbour, I'm sure!! To be smelling your cooking from next-door, wishing you'd invite me over! Or pass on left-overs!! hehe

  8. I love the big windows in your kitchen. My sister is on her way right now to visit her husband's relatives in India. She has become quite a great cook of Indian cuisine...yummy! Loved your story, I'm glad your husband is back!

  9. i enjoyed your kitchen tour and am envious of your indian spices.

    i call my dishwasher my "magic box" cuz i cannot get over the pleasure of not needing to wash my dishes by hand anymore. i put them in dirty, and look, they come out clean! i do a little dance, i just can't help it.

    now if only i didn't have to hang up socks to dry...

    ~lytha in NRW


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