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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My first outing alone!!

   Thanks to Tessa, I finally went on an outing alone, without family, but with a group(20) of English speaking Germans. I am glad that I finally took the plunge. I dressed up with excitement, my walk had a spring in every step. My husband said I looked good too. Maybe it was more because I felt good. And where did we go?? To watch Othello, a play by Shakespeare. Alas, I am not Shakespeare, hence, I have no words to describe how it was. In simple language, I can only say it was AWESOME!! I loved it, every moment, every scene. Not once was I bored nor waiting for it to get over. I made new friends, who were eager to speak to me in English. For the first time during my stay, I felt no pressure to speak German neither did I get advice that I MUST learn to speak the language. Here was an eager crowd wanting to speak in a language so safe and familiar to me, I couldn't have been more than delighted.
      The play was at Würzburg, a good hours journey by train, which meant I got ample time to get to know everybody. We spoke about a lot of things. Food, culture, languages, education, it, we spoke about it.
Here's the best part. I was the only one with a camera and I felt that everybody would be uncomfortable with me clicking shots of people I had just met. So, I grabbed a few shots of the Würzburg Residence, where the play was to be held. In fact it was held at the gardens of the Residence.

      Above is the rear side of the Residence, followed by the Franconian fountain. Formerly, the residence was the seat of Bishops.  Below are the gates which lead you to the gardens of the residence.

We were not allowed to click shots during the play. I slowly sneaked out my phone and grabbed a shot. I needed one for memories!!!!


  1. WOW!!!! beautiful shots!! I am soooo glad that you had a great time! it changes everything when you are able to get out with other people and just be The carefree days of getting out,running errands alone, are few and far between now so it's always extra special when you get the chance to do things like this. Hopefully there will be plenty more of these!

    Love the new layout!

  2. Thank you Sonya!! I have gotten a kind of confidence, unexplainable in words. I feel I can also travel alone now in trains and maybe venture out to different cities within an hours distance from home. I am thinking that, maybe the kids and I can do more of this together too.

  3. HI May!
    Glad you had such a good time. The location of the play looks incredible - what a grand place!! Very suitable, on the other hand.
    Great that you ventured on your own and got to meet new people. It took me some time too, to do the same over here, but now, I travel all over Holland on the train, sometimes on my own to have a day out sometimes with some friends or even blogger friends I've met here! It is a very nice experience.
    Have a nice day!!


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