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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday's in my city.

It's Sunday's in my City along with Unknown Mami!! Today my daughter turned 8 and this was what I baked!!
I began with something in mind and ended up with this cake!! More so of a disaster!! To know more about it head over here. I have been pretty upset about it, and was silently thanking my stars for not having invited anybody over. That reminds me of this, yes, my daughter wanted no kind of celebration at all. No friends, just us. At this point of time, she misses all her loved ones and friends back home. Though she hasn't been so vocal about it, she has not been the same unlike the past years. She always had a count down to all  her b'days, but not this time. That has saddened me, but we too didn't want to impose it on her, cause I too would be clueless with a bunch of German kids in the house. Looks like, we still need to get comfortable. So, it was just a quiet celebration with the four of us, enjoying the heat and good food.

The past week has seen me getting out of the house and going on long walks. The purchase of a weighing scale and it tipping over to show the kilos that I have gained finally made me move my butt. I have been going a lot to the country side, and during one of these walks, took the cam along and got these shots.

The above shots are my favourite. I have no professional cam, but I love the way I have been able to capture the flying bee. I had to be oh so careful, lest one came and stung me.

The River Main, where we have barges passing along every ten minutes or so. It's interesting just to stand and observe them. I guess they travel along the Main, most of them heading over to Frankfurt.

Here in Germany, we have walking and cycling paths. As I walk, a lot of these groups pass me by. They are more so cycling groups, where you have 10 or more people cycling together from one city to another. We do not have such kind of paths in India, and I am definitely gonna miss this on return.
     As I proceed, I am greeted with sights of apple and walnut trees. I cannot wait to see the juicy ripened apples. I am told by a friend that we can pluck these apples as long as they are for consumption and not to sell.

Green corn fields(thanks to Sonya, I now know what they are), bales of hay, and farmer carts... These are all the pretty sights i see.

Not to forget the oh so many wild flowers, which are indeed oh so beautiful!!

I hope everybody has had a wonderful Sunday. do not forget to visit Unknown Mami and see how the rest of the Sunday's are going.


  1. oh I do miss paths to walk in peace! Here in Casa 99% of the pavements are broken or they are too narrow etc. What a nightmare to try walk - I mean walk like sport walk. No hope.
    That flying bee is cute!
    Sunny SIMC greetings from Casa!


  2. A big Happy Birthday to your daughter. The boys didnt have anyone over for the longest time either so I understand that part. The cake looks beautiful so I will have to go over and read why it didnt come out right.

    I just love your photos this week! the flower shots are fabulous and love the fruit and we have path ways like this aswell:)

    Are u going to be heading back soon or not for a few more years?

  3. Thanks Sonya for the compliments on the cake & pictures. We are here till August 2012. Gives us 2 whole years to explore Germany!!

  4. Hello May, hope your daughter enjoyed her birthday. I understand not wanting pressure from other kids.

    To answer your question about taking pictures in the mall, just start with your family there, then you build confidence. I also do a lot of shots keeping my camera on my hip or front without looking at the subject I am taking. It is great fun to see what I got when I get home.

    Have a great week. xxx

  5. I love the bee in flight. You should enter that into a photo competition! Looks great!

  6. Love your photos - fancy camera or not! That shot with the bees is awesome!

  7. That looked like a wonderful walk!

  8. The barge is interesting. I LOVE your flower shots. Nice job! :)

  9. Gorgeous pictures. Tell your daughter that I wish her a Happy Birthday MONTH!

  10. Happy birthday to your daughter! :0)

    The flower pictures are beautiful and make me want to go find some pretty flowers to photograph too - Thanks for sharing!

  11. I LOVE the picture of the hay! Nice.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday to your 8 year old.

    You don't need a fancy camera to take great pictures. These are wonderful.


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