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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sundays in my City!

Yesterday was the quarter final match between Germany and Argentina!! We had different plans though. I had mentioned in my post here about the onset of summer with a bang.  So we took advantage of the empty streets and empty parking lots and drove to Wuerzburg(an hours drive from home) to get what we needed.

Since our move, Media Markt has been the place where we have purchased all our electronic needs. From the home theatre to the dryer, and now this...

After having spent a sleepless night, we desperately needed fans to coolen the home. We had the store all to ourselves as everybody were engrossed in this...

This was the third goal of Deustchland and all the employees in the store were screaming!!!

More screams were to follow, and by the time we were done, Deutschland had won!! What we were to witness the next two hours was sheer madness on the streets!!! I had taken the camera along with me to take shots of the city of Wuerzburg. But look what I got! Everybody seemed to be screaming and posing to each other with a cam in their hands!!

Finale?? I thought we were moving on to semi-finale, unless he was an over confident German!

No rules, No seat belts!!! Just celebration everywhere!!!

He turned around, posed and waved his flag!!!!!!!

What do you spot there??? Nice, isn't it??

Cheers to Deutschland!!!! It was an exhilarating experience to be amongst the crowd, but too bad that we didn't have any paraphernalia with us!!! Thought a lot about putting the following picture up (and yes, he too posed with a good laugh), but couldn't resist!!! Enjoy your Sunday!!! For more Sundays around the world head over to Unknown Mami!! Its great to travel the world around with her!!!


  1. Fantastic photos!!! we have that store here too!

    Look..there is a truck!! I hardly ever see those here. I really miss american cars..trucks and lord help me,even SUV's. Congrats on the win. My husband and I think the finale will be between Germany and The Netherlands:)

  2. What a great celebration to capture and be involved in!

  3. What an exciting day for Germany! We've been following the games here too, even though the US was already knocked out.

  4. Great pics! The last one is my fave lol. It must have been strange to enter the store from deserted streets and then emerge into chaos!!

  5. Oh men! People are crazy about sports...or is it one reason to celebrate...At least people feel connected...
    Have a great week ahead!
    ps. we have several fans around the flat... :)


  6. What fun and soccer ferver! Congratulations to Germany on their great success at the World Cup!!

  7. I love how the license plates look so different than here in the United States and....Wow, you all take your soccer (fotbal?) very seriously!

  8. I love your photos!! What a fun walk through your day. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Love the end shot!

    I'm sorry about my button code not working. You can grab it from my sidebar next time. It doesn't seem to work if I put it in the post. My apologies.

  10. WOW! It looks like one happy country!!!! Congrats on the victory.


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