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Friday, July 16, 2010

Photo Challenge: Your Best Shot

On my walks, I pass through a small pond, surrounded by these wild flowers. I find them very beautiful. So on one of my strolls last week, I took my cam along with me. On getting close, I was surprised to see bees on the flowers. I was scared lest I would be stung by one of those. All I wanted was a shot of the flowers, so I carefully captured one without disturbing them. To my surprise, I also captured a flying bee. This is one of my best shots, considering the fact that it is not from a professional cam.

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Thanks to In a yellow house for the challenges every week!!!


  1. beautiful shot, I always have a camera in my bag because if I don`t I see lots of nice things to capture
    Changed your blog design didn`t you?

    Love from Amsterdam

  2. This is a BEAUTIFUL shot! I am always bringing my camera with never know what you might spot.:)


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