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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The countdown!!!

We are all set to leave in three days to India!!! Oh my God, yes three days. Each morning we wake up, we can sense the excitement building up. I will be meeting my parents and siblings after 10 months. This has been the longest separation.
   Amidst the excitement, there is a lot of last minute madness. Shopping, packing, closing the house, making arrangement for the plants sitter!!! That reminds me of this... Look what i spotted growing out from my pots...

A gladiola!!!! I don't know how I missed this? I must be have been too preoccupied to notice the buds before the blooms. And now I cannot believe that I will be missing all the blooms. There are seven plants in all and there are buds coming out now! Hopefully my plant sitter will pause to appreciate these beauties :)
Remember the time I mentioned I won a photo challenge contest in my post here. Well its time to vote for the winner. All the photos are to be voted till saturday. If you like my photo, I would very glad if you could head over here and cast your vote for me. Thank you all so much in advance...:)


  1. I totally want loads of photos of India....the 'poor' part and the 'rich' part! All of it...the food, the street vendor food, the home cooked meals..........Unique landscapes.......Just pack me along so I can experience it all please.

  2. Sure Rebecca!! Will surely post loads of photos!! and thanks for all the ideas you have given me!! :)

  3. These are beautiful but I'm more excited about your trip to India. I know I don't have to say it, but take lots of pictures.

    BTW - thanks for your comment. My life is pretty boring with my husband out of town most of the week. These challenges keep my mind occupied and I really do enjoy sharing with others. Have a great week!

  4. Stunning macros...the flowers even remind me a bit of the Communal Global flower ;D

    Have a fabulous time visiting back home! Like everyone else, I'm looking forward to seeing lots of awesome pix ;D

  5. So Pretty!!

    How exciting that you're going to India! I have friends in Europe and I always envy that you guys have such "easy" access to countries we just dream about. Have a ton of fun ~ I'll check back to see the pictures!

  6. Beautiful photos have a fantastic time in India!!

  7. Beautiful photos! Have a safe trip home and TAKE TONS OF PICS!! lol

    I voted for you..beautiful photo! you need to print that out and frame it! or send it to a lovely blog friend in The Netherlands :) we can swap printed

  8. Thanks Sonya!! I loved your idea of swapping printed photos. Mail me your postal address and I will be honored to send you my first print of the castle WITH LOVE FROM LOHR!!!!! :D


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