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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Blessed Week.

This week is special to us. The kids have begun their preparation course for receiving their First Holy Communion, and as part of the preparation, all the kids get to take this blessed candle home for a week. The candle is decorated with the names of all the participating children.

Just like in India, in Germany, receiving one's First Holy Communion is a big and joyous occasion. Only that, the days and preparation leading to the occasion are completely different. We have so much new to learn and am fortunate and thankful to have support from wonderful friends who are ever so eager to help.

We are yet unsure whether the kids will go through the final ceremony here or back home in India(as we have no family here). It is going to be a difficult decision for us. For now, the children are content with this unique experience they are going through.

We intend to light the candle this weekend  for our thanksgiving meal...


  1. Sounds like a special occasion, and a big decision. Wishing you a peaceful decision.

  2. What a wonderful tradition of passing thee candle around! No matter where you decide to hold the ceremony, I'm sure it will be a glorious event!


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