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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hobby class - Part 1.

That's my schmetterling (butterfly) made by me....:) I finally enrolled myself to a hobby class. I have always been fascinated by glass art. I did dabble with paints on glass back home in India. All I did was to purchase a few books and paints. It turned out to be pretty easy and I did  up the house with a few glass painted bottles. 

  On moving to Germany, the art work with glass intrigued me a lot. You find plenty of such glass figures, t-light holders, decorations in shops sold for quite a price. Every village, town or city in Germany has a Volkshochschule (folk high school). These schools are generally institutions for adult education.  Various forms of art are taught in a Volkshochschule. One problem being though, the teaching is in Deutsch. I nevertheless mustered courage and enrolled myself, because by now, I do follow Deutsch but cannot speak.

     In our class of 8, we are 7 Germans & me the Indian!!! The classes began and it looked like I was able to follow what was being said. We were told to cut the glass with a cutter(it doesn't actually cut, but makes a mark which then helps you break the glass) and then pull it out with a kind of plier!! Simple, isn't it?? That's what I thought, until I actually had glass and cutter in hand. To my amusement everybody were cutting glass as though they were experts and poor me was struggling away....:D In 15 minutes, I concluded that either my batch mates already knew the hang of it or they were pretty pretty strong (you need to apply a lot of pressure and believe me I was doing it with all the strength I had). Not wanting to give up, I struggled and managed to have the most untidy butterfly of all. But I was glad I was able to do it. It took me 3 hours to complete my masterpiece. It may not be perfect, but it is beautiful to me...:)


  1. hey it is very beautiful!! Way to go May!!

  2. Oh my goodness..that is so so sooooo beautiful!! I have always wanted to get into stained glass and try my hand at cutting the glass..WOW you did such a fantastic job!


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