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Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's beginning to feel like Christmas....

When I returned back to Germany from my home trip in September, I was surprised to see the stores selling X'mas goodies already!!! I thought to myself "People, it is still a 100 days to Christmas!! What's the big hurry???"
   So, when last week, the lights were being put up in the market place and the trawlers were carrying X'mas trees around, I thought I need to keep up with the Germans :D
We have a lot of windows to do up, so I got some cuttings from pine trees and yes pinecones!!!! I just love pinecones!!  I have collected many during our walks in the forests. When I spotted these huge ones at the market, I knew I had to buy a few.  They are big, strong, sturdy and I will make something out of them for X'mas, maybe a wall hanging or so...

If you are to make a collection of artefacts from Germany, then Christmas figurines ought to be in your list. Remember our trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber which has a Christmas Museum and market. I did purchase a few things and now is the time to get them out and display.

A figurine, some pinecones, leaves and a few baubles.... the window is dressed up

I love this figurine which is also a t-light holder. She glows beautifully in the dark

How does this piece of art look?? It is incomplete, but I put it up. This is known as Fensterbilder in Germany, which means, Window Pictures. There are books available to guide you how to go about. I will do a posting on how to make a fensterbilder.
    I will have many more postings in the future on things to do for X'mas.


  1. The fensterbilder is beautiful!

  2. Aaah I love this time of year..espically in Germany! they know how to decorate for christmas:) We are headed to a german Christmas Market next weeked and I can't wait. The Dutch do no go all out like I am used to and germany provides that outlet for

    Beautiful window arrangments and I too love pinecones!!


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